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Hi, there.

This is where we are:
Darwin, NT Australia

This is what we're doing here:

We're hoping to inspire, connect and equip ourselves and others to live sustainable lives. For us, the key to sustainability is enjoyability.

Our hunch is that the more we deeply enjoy ourselves, that is enjoy our own selves, the less we require from outside of ourselves to fill us up; the better choices we make amongst the seemingly endless possibilties out there; the better able we are to strike a good balance between what we give and what we take. And somewhere in there is a key to sustainability, both of our personal lives and all the life around us.


This is what we look like: On the Isle of Mull, Scotland

We're Paul Turley and Jana Norman and we're the daily headspa. Thanks for wondering "about us."

By the way, Paul's a poet and a breadmaker. Originally from Wales, he grew up from the age of 8 in Adelaide, South Australia. He's worked as a community development worker, in politics on youth employment issues and as a maintenance man as part of the Iona Community in Scotland, among a few other things.

Jana would love to do more screenprinting and welding of found objects into makeshift sculptures. Her first "real job" was as a National Park Service ranger on Pensacola Beach, Florida where she grew up. She's also worked as a cook for a hot air balloon company and is an ordained minister in a progressive Christian denomination.

Together we've been learning how to live sustainable lives: lives that are rich in a sort of deep and grounded enjoyment and lighter and lighter in terms of impact on the planet and imposition on others. In 2004 we sold nearly everything we owned and moved to the UK to live and work simply in community with a group of street theatre artists. We've lived in a few places since then doing different things that help us learn, practice and share the idea of personal sustainability in the context of life's interdependent nature.

We both identify with Type 7 on the Enneagram personality profile, which to us means we love making connections between seemingly disparate things and creating the space for people to be more of themselves. We're interested in just about everything and our reading lists are long. It's the variety of our experiences and how much we enjoy life, along with our own struggle to feel like we have enough and are enough, that drives our desire to inspire, connect and equip others to enjoy themselves.