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On the move

This week, Dunes.

Dunes never stay the same. They are constantly being pulled down and put up. It’s like they March across the landscape.

Of course, the landscape itself is on the move. Nothing stays still. The tectonic plates shift, the planet spins, the galaxy expands.

Like so many things, the ‘fact’ that the earth is solid is just another convenient fiction by which we choose to live our lives.

Most of us choose to say that right now, as I write this, it is 8:46 pm, on Monday, December 12, 2011. At least, those of us who live around here choose to say that. In Sydney, Tokyo and LA they choose to say that it is some other time. We can easily forget all of this; that this is our convenient agreement. We can get ourselves into a lather stating that it really is 8:46, how silly we can be.

I like dunes because, if you pay close attention, over weeks, days sometimes you see the movement, the truth of the world.


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