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Lauching some serious, finger-lickin' fun!

There is only one real barbeque: American barbeque. And it’s not a meal you can play with. To really enjoy barbeque you have to be committed. To eat barbeque you have to get your hands messy, and your mouth and possibly your elbows, too. When you eat barbeque it’s a full-time, single-focus commitment.

That’s why it’s the perfect celebration to launch daily headSpa. The daily headSpa blog is all about enjoying life and jumping into it with both feet, or hands, or elbows. And if you’re a vego, you’ll need the same commitment to enjoy roasted corn-on-the-cob slathered in something wonderful.

Just as barbeque is not a snack you grab while running for the bus, your life is not something you try and cram in around other commitments. At least it isn’t if you want to really enjoy it.

There are a couple more analogies that make barbeque the perfect daily headSpa launch food. Barbeque takes a long time to cook. If you want good barbeque you have to put in a fair bit of planning and energy. And you don’t just stick a rack of ribs in the oven and forget it. You gotta check it and baste it and give it tender loving care so that it gives you tender loving taste right back. And barbeque is serious fun. Maybe you've seen something like this:

This photo was taken at one of the many serious professional barbeque competitions held in the United States every year. Barbeque fanatics from all over the country form themselves into crews and spend hours in the choosing and preparation of their cookers, their meat, the wood they burn, the rubs and sauces they mix. It’s serious business and yet the competitions are a blast with lots of laughing and banter between crews.

Daily headSpa is about exploring life as serious fun. This is the only life you get and now is the only moment.

Like us, you might be a long way from a serious barbeque joint and, like us, you might not have a smoker in your back yard, but you can give yourself to the next meal you eat (whatever it is) and really savor it, really taste it. It can be a moment of commitment to live your life the same way. Serious fun.

Recipes to play with:

Dad’s BBQ sauce

1 c brown sugar
32 – 40 oz ketchup
rinse bottle with ½ c vinegar
2 t dry mustard
3 t tabassco
3 t Worcestershire

thinly slice onion and cho
bring all to boil, simmer 1+ hour

Aioli with Raw Vegetables

1 T dry bread crumbs
1 T wine vinegar
2 T finely chopped garlic
3 egg yolks
1 ½ C olive oil
1 T boiling water
½ t salt
1 T lemon juice
Chilled, fresh raw veggies

Stir bread crumbs and vinegar together in small bowl then squeeze dry in a towel. Scrape crumbs into a mortar or wooden bowl, and add the garlic. Pound with pestle or mash with back of spoon until smooth paste. Then, one at a time, pound or mix in raw egg yolks. When it is smooth – must be smooth – scrape it into mixing bowl. Using mixer or whisk, beat in the ½ c of oil, one half teaspoon at a time. Beating constantly, pour in remaining oil in a slow, thin stream. Beat in the T of boiling water, then the salt, lemon juice, and taste for seasoning.

2 cups


What You'll Find Here, Eventually

When we get this website up and running on February 1 2009, what you'll find here is a daily posting on a weekly theme.

The daily postings have a rhythm to them: Mondays introduce the topic, Tuesdays dig in a bit, Wednesdays go deeper, Thursdays invite you to get into it by doing something, Fridays sum it up, Saturdays have fun with it, and Sundays stretch it out into a brief ritual so that body, mind and soul converge.

At the heart of it all is encouraging everyone to enjoy themselves - what you think & feel and how you live and move and have your being.

See you on February 1, 2009.

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