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Priced out of the market

You hear it a lot in Australia. First home buyers are being priced out of the market to buy a home.

Surely one of the problems in Australia is that there are so few housing options to choose from. The three-bedroom standard on a housing block, a McMansion with a clutch of bathrooms and a basement pool room and flat/unit/apartment, and that's your lot.

What we need is some lateral thinking.

Here are three sites that help me do that:

The Rural Studio

The Tiny Ass-Apartment

Tiny House Blog


The Summer You Learned to Swim 

The Summer You Learned to Swim

                       for Lea

The summer you learned to swim
was the summer I learned to be at peace with myself.
In May you were afraid to put your face in the water
But by August, I was standing in the pool once more
when you dove in, then retreated to the wall saying
You forgot to say Sugar! So I said Come on Sugar, you can do it
and you pushed off and swam to me and held on
laughing, your hair stuck to your cheeks—
you hiccupped with joy and swam off again.

And I dove in too, trying new things.
I tried not giving advice. I tried waking early to pray. I tried
not rising in anger. Watching you I grew stronger—
your courage washed away my fear.

All day I worked hard thinking of you.
In the evening I walked the long hill home.
You were at the top, waving your small arms,
pittering down the slope to me and I lifted you high
so high to the moon. That summer all the world
was soul and water, light glancing off peaks.
You learned the turtle, the cannonball, the froggy, and the flutter
And I learned to stand and wait for you to swim to me.

Michael Simms


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International Peace Garden

I’ve always been fascinated by borders; how one minute you can be in one place and by crossing an invisible line, you find yourself in another with perhaps different laws, language and even time-zones.

I’ve wanted to visit the International Peace Garden, on the border between the USA and Canada for a long time. Haven’t made it there yet but perhaps one day. I like the idea of peaceful, garden-filled borders.


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