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enjoy yourself!

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What's Your Sense of Purpose? - our first topic!


Welcome to the Launch BBQ!

The coleslaw is cold, the ribs are hot and the corn is buttered, so pull up a lawn chair and get stuck in.

If you’re reading this where it’s below zero and blowing a winter gale,

you might be thinking, “Why BBQ?”

Here’s the short answer: headSpa has just re-located from London, England to Darwin in the tropical Top End of Australia. Australia and BBQ…well, they are made for each other.

But there’s a longer answer, about enjoying yourself, along with recipes and pictures on the daily headspa blog. We’re partial to real American BBQ with all the trimmings, and we think it has a lot to do with enjoying yourself and living life with saucy zest.


Beginning February 1, 2009

Why take a journey to the center of the earth when you can go to the center of the universe?

This website is going to be about enjoying yourself. There is no one you'll live with longer or have more opportunity to get to know. It's the original relationship of your life. Why not enjoy it?

We're building dailyheadSpa to be a place of unabashed selfishness. A world playground for narcissists. A virtual mirror for preening your conceit.

Not really.

We're building dailyheadSpa as a place to enjoy yourself - space in which to pay attention to what you think and feel - believing that your joy and the world's joy are all bound up together in some wonderful, mysterious way.

See you on Feb 1, 2009.


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