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headspa's DIY life coaching resource...One Day: A Travel Guide

"People go forth to wonder at the heights of
mountains, the huge waves of the sea,
the broad flow of the rivers, the vast
compass of the ocean, the courses of the
stars: and they pass by themselves
without wondering."

--St. Augustine 

If the world is my oyster...

We live in amazing times - times when a great big mass of us can live just about anywhere, do just about anything, and be just about anyone we want. We can show up anywhere: a facebook page, in 140 characters or less on twitter, on video on youtube and in pictures on flickr; in Bangkok today and Durban tomorrow; as a singer-songwriter now and a tax accountant later. We are here, there and everywhere.

The old addage still rings true: wherever you go, there you are.

When we get to our location independent destination, there we are.

The question is: Will we enjoy ourselves when we get there?

...where is the pearl?

The verb "enjoy" has two meanings:

1. find pleasure in

2. have the benefit or use of

The ability to find pleasure in who we are and what we're doing, wherever we are and to know that we have the benefit and use of our best selves...that's the pearl.

To genuinely enjoy ourselves along the way is why we're tapping into all these new ways of being and connecting in the first place. We are looking for pleasure and benefit and usefulness.

But just plugging in more or moving on again is not necessarily the ticket.

Somewhere along the way, the journey must turn inward

"Good travelling depends not on the travel, but on the traveller." Robert Dessaix in "Arabesques"

In order to find pleasure in who we are and what we're doing, we've got to know who we are and what we're doing (and why).

In order to get the benefit and use of our best selves we have to figure out what that means. What do I truly desire? What are my motivations, dreams, visions? What makes me tick?

When things feel either empty or overwhelming, or when you simply aren't enjoying yourself, it's a signal to turn some attention away from the travel and onto the traveller.

headspa's One Day: A Travel Guide

Life coaching is a style of paying attention to yourself that emphasizes a respect for your own experience and wisdom. It's a holistic and appreciative approach that helps you build on the best of your past, be clear about your current reality and honor your dreams for the future.

We've put seven of the best life coaching exercises we've come across together in one resource, in a format that allows you to do them yourself, at your own pace and in your own space.

In other words, you don't have to stop travelling in order to focus on the traveller.

One Day is a correspondence course in the one subject that is the key to enjoying yourself. It's about your self.

"Friendship with oneself is all important because without it one cannot be friends with
anybody else in the world."
--Eleanor Roosevelt

What One Day covers:

  • strategies for remembering and doing more of what you've most enjoyed in the past
  • tools for being present to yourself in the moment so that you are acting more often that re-acting
  • resources for finding out what your dreams are telling you and what you can do about it

What One Day includes: 

  • clear instructions for completing 7 life coaching exercises designed to help you clarify what's essential to you no matter where you are or what you're doing
  • 6-10 additional ideas related to each exercise to give you a range of ways to discover more about what makes you tick
  • access to more personal development and self-discovery tools available only on the members' page at daily headspa
  • up to 7 follow-up coaching conversations with the authors
  • special offers on new resources from daily headspa
  • One Day comes in the form of PDF files on a memory stick - stick included!

What One Day costs:

  • The price for One Day: A Travel Guide is $69.95 AUD.

We really hope you enjoy One Day and enjoy yourself while using it and because of it! However, we recognize that it won't suit everyone and so we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you don't enjoy using headspa's One Day: A Travel Guide for any reason, please don't hesitate to contact us about how to send it back for a full refund. No questions asked - but you're welcome to let us know if there's something you think we can do to improve it.

How to purchase:

One Day is available for purchase using Pay Pal. We've posted the price in Australian dollars for simplicity's sake since headspa is based in Australia; you can use Pay Pal from anywhere in any currency.

Here's a link to google's currency converter so you can do the math quickly.